Why Millie Bobby Brown is a Queen

Hannah Shine

Millie Bobby Brown? Who is she? She’s that fierce actress who plays the powerful character Eleven on hit TV show Stranger Things. (Yes, the girl with the buzz cut — she pulls it off too well.) Her role as Eleven has taken the world by storm, and now you’ll see her walking every red carpet, carrying herself brilliantly with nothing short of the highest end attire.

She grew up in London, England, so she is automatically cooler than all of us. Her thick British accent is completely hidden on the show, and you would never notice a thing. Not only is her accent and ability to hide it on the job amazing, but get this, she’s just thirteen years old. Thirteen going on thirty, you mean? I think, yes. Without the proper research, I would have never guessed that she was younger than eighteen.

As for her career, Millie takes pride in her acting. She had a few starring rolls when she was younger in shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family, yet Stranger Things was her big break. Her role lives up to a true high standard — a reason why I binge-watched the sci-fi series and finished in just two days. (Oops.)

Back to her fashion, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a thirteen-year-old dress this extravagantly. What happened to the awkward stages? When I was thirteen, I was wearing Crocs and concert tee shirts. Not Millie though. Even her street style blows the fashion industry away. But get this: she actually hates shopping. The star hates shopping so much that her mother has to lie to her about going. This has to mean that her wardrobe team goes out and gets most things for her. That’s right; she’s even too cool to go shopping. Queen.

A great thing about Millie is that she knows she’s fabulous but doesn’t flaunt it too much. Giving subtle and killer looks to the paparazzi as they race to get the perfect shot, she knows she looks stunning but keeps it on the down low. On Instagram, she’ll post pictures with Drake and Ariana Grande — no big deal or anything — but just about every celebrity loves her. But she knows how to keep it nonchalant. At award shows, she doesn’t even have to get up; the celebrities walk to her. You don’t need to tell Millie to go say hello to a world-renowned celebrity  because they all want to go and meet her first.

With the help of her amazing cast, she has created a wonderful world for herself, family, and friends, all through the art of acting. And she will definitely go far in her career if she continues on this path of excellence. For these reasons, you can totally consider Millie Bobby Brown a queen of our generation now and many years to come.