Almost a Buzzfeed Quiz!

Lauren O'Hara, Staff Writer


Buzzfeed is a news sharing website that primarily focuses on stories regarding everything pop culture. Only reporting on the important stuff, like the “19 Reasons Raisins Should Be Put In Jail.” or “This Guy Eats Fruit For The First Time Ever.” But the quizzes that are put out by Buzzfeed are the crème de la crème. Our personal favorites are “Which Possible Illuminati Member Are You?” or “Which Ousted Arab Spring Ruler Are You?” In jest, here are two quizzes that Buzzfeed should make:


Everyone has a lung disease that matches their personality— what’s yours?!


Question 1:

What’s your favorite color from these choices?


  1.   A) Blue                B) Green  C)   Black   D) Yellow

Question 2: Pick A Pop Queen


  1. Beyonce   B) Cher  C) Madonna  D)Katy Perry


Question 3: Which “YASSSS QUEEN” speaks to you?




Question 4: What’s your preferred flavor?


  1. Spicy      B) Salty   C) Sour D) Sweet


Question 5: In which city would you have your dream vacation ?


  1. Los Angeles, California B) Rio De Janeiro, Brazil  C) Amsterdam, Netherlands D) Tokyo, Japan


Question 6:  What’s your ideal Friday night?


  1.   Partying with some of my friends    B) Going to the gym or walking     
  1. C) Watching a movie in solitude    D) Drawing painting, engaging in some talent that involves the arts


Mostly A) Pneumonia!

Just like this disease, you’re well received! You give people chills, and you can easily take someone’s breath away. You’re a fungi, and you have an incredibly infectious laugh!


Mostly B) Asthma

You have a narrow build and enjoy running! Your body is your number one priority in life, and you can often be seen around the track. You tend to be a bit less reliable as you usually grow out of your friends when they move on to bigger aspirations!


Mostly C) Silicosis

You’re as sharp as the pains caused by this disease! Your intelligence is respected by all of your peers. You’ve probably focused on your career for most of your life: whether that means your academics or, who knows, maybe you worked in a glass factory with lots of dust and construction.


Mostly D) Lymphangioleiomyomatosis

You enjoy the comfortable things in life, laying down with a good book, painting a sunset or maybe even creating some smooth muscle tissue in one’s lung. Some might call you an artist; you just seem to be able to create something powerful with just a few cells.


Choose your preferred nail art and we’ll tell you how many fingers you have.


  1. Which red nail polish do you prefer?


  1.                                     b) c)                                  d)


  1. Which blue nail polish do you prefer?


  1.                                    b)    c) d)
  1. Which yellow nail polish do you prefer?


  1.                                 b) c)                                d)
  1. Which green nail polish do you prefer?


  1.                             b) c)                           d)


  1. Which matte nail polish do you prefer?


  1.                                   b)         c) d)


Mostly As: You have five fingers! You haven’t had the rest of those little guys since The Accident. You know… The Accident.


Mostly Bs: You have fourteen fingers. Ever since you fell into that pit of radioactive waste, your body grew an extra four digits!


Mostly Cs: Yikes…  You have ten fingers, what are you? You didn’t even grow any extra? You need some Vitamin F (F for fingers).


Mostly Ds: You have no fingers, but you do have nails. The nails are just on your knuckles; don’t forget to crack em!