Cheers to New Favorites: An Avengers Review

Joey Gentile, Co-Editor-in-Chief



On April 27, the latest, and biggest, installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was released. Avengers: Infinity War broke the records for the biggest opening weekend and the fastest movie to reach $1 billion in the global box office.

In Avengers: Infinity War, the fractured Avengers must unite to defeat their most deadly foe yet — Thanos (Josh Brolin) — on his quest to obtain all six infinity stones. Each stone controls one of the six fundamental elements of existence. If all stones are gathered, the wielder can wipe out half of the universe’s population with a snap of their fingers. This is exactly Thanos’ goal. He wants to bring balance and prosperity by taking care of what he sees as an overpopulation problem.

Avengers: Infinity War is my new favorite Marvel movie. While I thought that Marvel spread themselves too thin with some characters — for example, giving Captain America (Chris Evans) only six and a half minutes of screen time — I understand that there was much that had to be addressed, and they only had two hours and forty minutes in which to do so. I found each subplot and character (that was meant to have more of a prominent role) well developed, and for a movie of this magnitude, that is a true accomplishment.

My two favorite characters in this installment of the Avengers was Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and, although it is unpopular to think this, Star-Lord (Chris Pratt). Both of these characters had emotional developments and the two Chrises did an amazing job of portraying them. Hemsworth’s mellow monologue following the death of half of his people, Heimdall (Idris Elba), and Loki (Tom Hiddleston) was emotionally moving and actually made me feel bad for Thor, rather than laugh at or be bored with him.

In the first two Guardians of the Galaxy movies, we have had an abundance of development for Star-Lord which saw him deal with the death of his mother. He also discovered that his father was responsible for said death and that he was plotting to take over the universe.  In Avengers: Infinity War, we see Star-Lord take on the death of Gamora (Zoe Saldana) — the last person in his life that truly loved him for who he was. Now, was Star-Lord was actually a good character? By punching Thanos when he was sedated, Star-Lord woke him up and inadvertently caused the death of half of the universe. Yes, of course Star-Lord is still a good character because it was absolutely, one-hundred percent, emotionally justified that he give Thanos a taste of his knuckles.

Star-Lord was also one of my favorite characters because he had the best on-screen chemistry with everyone who he encountered. His conversations with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Spider-Man (Tom Holland) were hysterical. He was given the best one-liners, and Pratt’s delivery of them was bar-none.

The rest of this article could be devoted to raving about actors’ and actresses’ performances, but there is not enough time, space, or energy to do that. But here is a fleeting shoutout to Tom Holland and Zoe Saldana for having what I considered the best death performances seen in a superhero movie, and for beautifully portraying the characters with some of the most depth.

Avengers: Infinity War was less of an Avengers movie and more of Thanos story. The Avengers had very little screen-time, and, while I did not like the lack of development for a certain characters, I loved the development of the villain. It was a breath of fresh air and brand new for superhero films. The focus on Thanos made this my new favorite Marvel movie.

Avengers: Infinity War will be digitally released on July 31 and available on DVD on August 14.