Business of Music

Music correlates with profit.
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Music correlates with profit. Photo credit:

Janet Liu, Staff Writer

Are you interested in the music industry? Are you thinking about pursuing a business career? If so, you should check out East’s new class, Business of Music. It is a half year course and counts as a business credit. It is open to grades 10 to 12. Some topics that the class covers are the history of music, copyrights, marketing of a label, the process of planning a live event, how to create an album, the different careers in the music industry, and how artists make money.

Mrs. Torlentino, who teaches Business of Music, and owns her own performance art studio, recommends this class to all students interested in music, performing, and business.

“The class is very fun and easy,” Mrs. Torlentino said excitedly. “For example, for do nows, I asks students to list their top ten songs or musicians of the week. The class also watches an episode on the history of a musician every Friday.”

Currently, Mrs. Torlentino is planning several field trips for students to attend and inviting musicians and professionals in the field to come to speak about their experiences. One of the field trips Mrs. Torlentino is organizing is a day at a recording studio in Manhattan. Students will have the chance to tour the place and have a class session.

The class also has many hands-on activities. One of the projects is “Music through the Decades.” Students are asked to do research on how music in the early fifties to the early two thousands changed and influenced the society. Furthermore, the course does not have a lot of homework, and most of the time, projects are done in class. Tests and quizzes are also minimal–— there is only one test per unit.

Business of Music is perfect for students who want to learn about the music industry while having fun.