Seniors: Know the Consequences

Stacy Wiener, Staff Writer


Senior Cut Day is a tradition amongst the student body where on certain days of the school year, senior students skip class for the day. Typically, these students get together with their friends and do something like go out on a picnic or have a pool party. With the first Senior Cut Day on November 1, seniors are once again gathering with their friends to discuss ways to spend their unofficial day off.

If you are a senior, and you do ultimately decide to skip, know that there are risks and consequences to this choice. Cutting from school is illegal and may result in such disciplinary action as “detention or denial of the privilege of participation in or attending extracurricular activities or event” according to the school’s code of conduct. In addition you may also have your parking permit revoked or be ineligible for a parking permit.

Although some teachers would agree that Senior Cut Day is a break well deserved, there are still those who would not be so lenient with students who decide to skip that day. Business teacher Mr. Hennings says he “understands the idea behind it, but overall he disagrees with students missing class time over something that’s not for educational purposes.” When asked if he would cut seniors some slack because it’s Senior Cut Day he said that he would not.

It has also been made abundantly clear by The assistant principals that they do not approve of seniors cutting for the day. assistant principal Mr. Aleci says, “As a school, we don’t honor Senior Cut Day, and we expect students to be in school every day.”

When asked if he would punish cutting seniors the same way he would any other day, assistant principal Mr. Pettis said, “The school does not make exceptions because more people may be using that as an excuse for skipping that day.”

Principal Dr. Simmons does not recognize Senior Cut Day “because there are no official cut days that are sponsored by the Smithtown Central School District.” However, he feels that he would want parents to approve of and send students with a note, but would ultimately want students to refrain from cutting because legally they’re supposed to be in school.