Club Spotlight: Habitat for Humanity

Joey Gentile, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Smithtown East’s Habitat for Humanity is a club with the mission of providing homes for those in unstable situations and helping those in need. This organization is lead by Mrs. Goldberg and Mrs. Madden, as well as student presidents Kayla Daneau and Angela Walz. Habitat meets every Tuesday in Room 334.

Habitat for Humanity has already held fundraisers and participated in a build in Bayshore. On November 30, select members went to a house in Bayshore being built by Habitat for Humanity and helped lay down hardwood floors and paint the walls.

On October 7, members participated in an Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast, where they served breakfast to those who bought tickets at Applebee’s. Through ticket sales and raffles, this club has raised $1057 towards their next build.

A candle sale was held from November 20 through December 4 in preparation for the holiday season, and Habitat´s signature event — Acoustic Café — will be happening this March. It is an event that showcases musically talented students and they request that attendees bring many guests.  

Mrs. Goldberg and Mrs. Madden “are impressed with all of the club members and officers for their dedication and commitment to the Habitat for Humanity mission.”