Smithtown High School East Drama Club

Jason Calderaro , Staff Writer

The Drama Club is a mainstay of high school culture, and at Smithtown East, it is no different. The Drama Club is a perfect getaway for any student looking to join the world of theater.  The club is led by Melanie Sarantos (president), Dylan McCormick (vice president), Chris Konopka (publicity manager), Matthew Bartch (club historian), and Adrianna Bauer (club treasurer).  Mrs. Sundberg is the faculty adviser. Not only is she an English teacher, but she also teaches the theater arts classes.

This past November, students from the drama club participated in the fall drama “The Dining Room,” which ran from November 8 to 10.

Currently the Drama Club is participating in the Adopt-a-Family charity; the club has “adopted” a family for the holidays, raising money for gifts. Although things are quiet now, the club has some big events later in the year. May will bring the 24-Hour Play, in which a group of people write, direct, prepare, and perform a play all in the span of 24 hours. June will feature the Senior Showcase where the Drama Club will perform three to five short plays written by seniors.

The Drama Club meets in the Little Theater, Wednesdays after school.   

“Drama Club is a space where everyone is invited to explore their talents, passions, and interests,” says club president Melanie Sarantos.