Super Bowl LIII preview?


Nick Passarella, Staff Writer

Every season two leading teams meet for a well-hyped up game  On November 19, the NFC Los Angeles Rams, and the AFC Kansas City Chiefs squared off at the LA Memorial Coliseum. ESPN has even stated that this is a preview of the Super Bowl as the Rams’ record is (9,1) and the Chiefs’ is (9,1).This year both the Chiefs’ and the Rams’ have  explosive offenses, so this game was one of the most exciting I’ve seen this season, and the winner seemed to be a toss-up. With Patrick Mahomes’ ability to get the offense together and score, and Rams’ Jared Goff’s performance without Cooper Kupp, and of, course, Todd Gurley, fans were truly in for a spectacular game. This was one of the highest scoring games as the Rams were on top, and this bumped them up to 10-1.

On first drive of the game, the Rams received the ball. The Chiefs’ defense couldn’t keep up with QB Goff, and this resulted in a TD from Goff to WR Brandin Cooks making the score 6-0 as the kicker for the Rams missed the extra point. When the Chiefs got the ball on their first drive, Mahomes was sacked and found no open target, which resulted in a fourth down punt. I thought the Rams wouldn’t be good without their number one wide receiver, Cooper Kupp, but they found alternates for him as Goff passed to Reynolds which made the score 13-0. Getting the ball back on the second drive, Mahomes found his receiver Tyreek Hill and making the score, managing to close the gap as the first quarter neared toward the end, 13-7. In the second quarter, with 6:28 remaining, the Rams’ QB fumbled the ball which resulted in KC gaining possession, and former KC player Kareem Hunt on a first down for the TD. By halftime the score had become tied 23-23.

This is exactly what I pictured would happen when the two best teams went head-to-head. I knew the first half was going to leave me on the edge of my seat. These teams’ defenses had a slow start, but they showed up, and boy, did they have an impact. Rams’ defensive tackle Aaron Donald snuck up on Mahomes and returned a TD for the Rams; meanwhile, the KC defense forced a fumble from Goff by blitzing on him.

Goff showed his speed by running in for a TD with 10 minutes left in the third quarter increasing the Rams’ lead to 30-23. Goff has improved this season leading a team, finding the opponent’s weakness, and surprising defenders with his receivers and running backs.

This Rams team is reminiscent of when Tom Brady led the Patriots to their first winning season in 2001. When I was watching Mahomes throw to Hill, Hunt, and Conley, I thought what about Travis Kelce? But I didn’t have to wait much longer to see him play. Kelce is in the top five of tight ends in the league, so when Mahomes threw to him in a big TD for KC tying the game 30-30, I was very excited.

In the 4th quarter, the teams were only divided by a field goal by the Rams. And as Mahomes was about to lead the Chiefs’ offense to a TD, he cracked under pressure and gave the Rams a defensive touchdown down by the Rams’ outside linebacker Samson Ebukman; now the score was 40-30 Rams. But no need to fear as Mahomes later led the game with a TD and a FG 51-40, but the Chiefs’ defense forgot one important thing: Todd Gurley, who grabbed a TD and gave Goff his confidence to finish the game.

Monday, November 19, will be a day I remember for football.