How to Sew a Torn Heart

Cleaning and decluttering can be a great way to feel better!

Cleaning and decluttering can be a great way to feel better!

Brianna Foster, Managing Editor

Let’s be honest: heartbreak is the worst. Most of us have or will have that person who doesn’t reciprocate our feelings of affection, and when they shatter the pieces of your heart, it can be hard to pick them all up on your own.
It’s very easy and natural to feel down after heartbreak as those feelings of pain, self-blame, and sadness cloud our mind. But we can build ourselves out of this. See, as someone who has been through breakups, rejections, and every mess in between (don’t ask), I have a bit of experience in the field of picking myself up again. So, as a pathetically seasoned pro, I have compiled a few tips that always help me when I’m feeling low and will hopefully be of help to you too.

#1— Watch empowering movies: These are definitely different for everyone, but my personal favorite is the Ghostbusters remake of 2016 (please don’t judge me). It can seem easy to start picking yourself apart after a heartbreak, and sometimes it takes a good, energizing movie to remind us of our own capability and self-worth. When I watch Ghostbusters, I am reminded that I am smart, strong, and powerful, and it always succeeds at getting me off the couch and taking the ice cream out of my hands.

#2— Listen to upbeat music: I know that most people tend to go for Adele or other sad artists after a breakup, as they always provide cathartic background music when you need to cry or just feel your feelings. However, for me at least, I love to put on party songs to pump me up. I often go for Pitbull, Flo Rida, or anything with a mindless beat, as happy and loud tunes can clear your head and allow you to get lost in the rhythm and hype.

#3— Clean and Declutter: A great way to feel better is to make the space around you better. Sometimes, when we feel sad, we let things slip, which is okay in the moment. But after a while, things start to pile up, laundry doesn’t get done, and wrappers and papers litter your floor. When we clean and take care of the space around us, it can translate to taking care of ourselves, and occupying a better space can help you create a better mindset.

#4— Make a list of things you love about yourself: One of the best things you can do when someone leaves and creates a hole in your life is to fill that opening up with an overflow of self-love. And while I do believe this is the best thing you can do, I also understand that it’s not the easiest. Often, we get trapped in front of the mirror or in our own heads, tearing ourselves apart: so when we do get down on ourselves, it helps to make a list. Take a sheet of looseleaf, your favorite pen or pencil, and write all of your favorite qualities. It doesn’t matter how big or small, just that they’re there. And whenever you feel negatively about yourself, you can always refer back to it for the best kind of love: self-love.

#5—Dance: This one, although it may seem silly, is actually my favorite. One of my mom’s best (and cutest) sayings is that dancing is important because it means you’re happy. And I truly believe that. Maybe you don’t feel happy when you start, but as you move and focus your mind on the music, everything else seems to melt away. Suddenly that boy or girl that broke your heart isn’t on your mind, and the feelings of sadness and pain are replaced by adrenaline and joy as you move, jump, and shake.

Ultimately, these are just some fun tips I had learned help me, but they’re not for everyone. Whatever you are going through, it’s okay to feel what you’re feeling, and whether you’re sad or happy or just kind of apathetic: your feelings are valid. Don’t be afraid to cry, and most importantly take care of yourself. You are worthy and important, and I hope that even just one of these tips makes you feel as wonderful as you are.


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