Winter Track Season

the one time that you will hate running even more than you already did

Michael Villani III, Staff Writer

So you are trying to prepare yourself for the spring. You want to shape up and get that body you wanted, so you’ve decided to join the winter—track team. Living in the Northern region during the winter time, you will be running in 40 degree weather or lower. In these frigid temperatures, it hard to find and wear proper gear to run in. As a member of the track team, here are a few good tips to start off your winter season as comfortably as you can.  

Footwear: You have to find the perfect shoes to run in. Your footwear should have a thick sole to prevent foot pain and should support your ankles. Running sneakers tend to be lighter and have good compression.

Legs: Try to find a comfy pair of pants that are neither too loose nor too tight—basically, sport sweats that are comfy enough to run in without sagging. If sweats aren’t enough, you can wear a layer of tights underneath. P.S as a baseball player, I do recommend wearing athletic compression undergarments so that you are not uncomfortable running.

Body: Oh, the torso. There are a lot of different outfits you can wear to run, but here is a basic template. First, a nice Nike long sleeves undershirt goes a long way. If it is too warm,  you can always push the sleeves up. Along with this a light athletic polyester t-shirt can be thrown on top. Finally, you can put on a nice long sleeve windbreaker to block out that nasty cold front wind.

Headwear: Everyone hates having freezing cold wind blowing in his face. Personally, I use a full coverage mask with a breathable nose guard. This helps a ton, and it keeps my face, nose, and most importantly, ears, warm.  However, if you do not want to look like a bank robber, then you can simply put on a nice warm beanie that will stay secure and hold that heat in.

Finally, hands: There are really only two choices here—cover them or don’t. If you like to wear gloves and they keep you warm, then go for it! But if you do, fair warning, most people seem to take them off while running a work out.

Winter track is definitely not for the faint of heart, we suffer brutal weather conditions and run no matter what. For someone who is not a fan of running in the winter, with the right conditions and clothes, running is no small feat. We run in the rain, the snow, the flurries—all of it. If you are up to it,  come and join! Coach Bane would love some newcomers, but dress warmly.