East’s Regeneron Semifinalist


Standing at Smithtown High School East from left to right are Maria Zeitlin, Anthony D’Amore, and Dr. Kevin Simmons. Photo credit: patch.com

Janet Liu, Staff Writer

Recently, Anthony D’Amore, a science researcher at Smithtown High School East, was named semifinalist in the 2019 Regeneron Science Talent Search. Regeneron STS is the nation’s most prestigious science competition for high school seniors. This year, there were 1,964 entrants, and D’Amore is one of the top 300 science research students who were selected.

D’Amore is heavily involved in not only the science department but also the music department: Chamber Singers, Jazz Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and the school musical. Regarding academics, D’Amore is still uncertain of the major he would like to pursue in college. He did mention, however, that he hopes to major in either music or science, specifically biology or geology.

D’Amore was recognized for his research on the evolution of the brain shape in crocodylomorpha. He spent more than twenty hours each week making models and measuring and comparing brains of extinct and existing species. His findings concluded that the brains can be shaped by environmental factors. He is also the first person to implement the technique of creating a 3D model from stacking thousands of CT images of filled brain space to provide usable information. Additionally, the competition provided D’Amore valuable experiences. From making close connections with other research students to being given the challenge of piecing together fragments of real and physical skulls, D’Amore was able to evolve as a student.

D’Amore will be receiving a $2,000 award, and the list of finalists to compete in Washington, D.C. will be announced on January 23.