Protector of the Deep

Nick Passarella, Staff Writer

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The comic book adaptation of Aquaman — the latest installment in the Worlds of DC — is unique; it’s a fun and entertaining movie with a perfect score, and Jason Momoa was the best choice for Aquaman.

Released on December 21, 2018, Aquaman tells the story of Arthur Curry, better known as Aquaman, who learns his younger half-brother, King Orm (Patrick Wilson) plans to destroy the seven seas and then the surface world. Meanwhile, a pirate named Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) seeks revenge on Aquaman.

James Wan’s direction gave DC a breath of fresh air. I believed he truly delivered with this one. He also brought some of his old horror methods to this superhero flick, which made me excited to see this movie.

The score was also what made this film stand out from other DC features; the compositions by Rupert Gregson-Williams’who also scored Wonder Woman sounded terrific. Gregson-Williams gave Wonder Woman her own unique theme music, and now he’s done the same for the King of Atlantis.

Momoa can’t be forgotten as the star of the picture. He has received universal acclaim for his performance as Arthur Curry. Momoa displayed his emotion on screen; with his dedication to fill the shoes of the superhero, he succeeded. His acting was perfect in each scene. Momoa never seemed bored or not exciting while playing the character. Also, to lighten the mood, Aquaman cracked some jokes and got a couple of good laughs from the audience.

When it was announced that a movie about the protector of the deep was being made, I thought, who would be the best choice?  heard Momoa had taken the role, and after I did some research on him, I remembered he had a role in Game Of Thrones, as Khal Drogo, back in 2011. Although he’d outdone himself as Drogo, I was skeptical, but when Justice League came out, I was sure Warner Bros. had found their Aquaman. I feel that Momoa is a comic book fans dream come true to play the superhero.

Aquaman is expected to be released on DVD in March of 2019.


Photo:  Warner Bros Studios/