Taking it Down; Liam Setters’ Wrestling story


C. Setters

Never give up!

Chloe Setters, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered what our wrestling team does at our school? Liam Setters, a wrestler here at East discusses what wrestling is really like.

 He first started in seventh grade. “When I was little, I started out doing jujitsu, a form of martial arts.  When I reached middle school my mom encouraged me to start wrestling because, she thought that I would enjoy it.” He is now in eleventh grade and wrestles at 182 pounds. According to Setters, during the wrestling season, practice is immediately after school during the week and usually on Saturday mornings.

During breaks, the wrestlers go to the school for 1-2 hours to practice or run on the track for conditioning. “I have practice right after school and on winter break. We had practice almost every day.  The sport is a big commitment,” says Setters. Wrestling meets Monday through Friday with 1-3 meets each week during the season. On the weekend the team would go to tournaments all day for about 14-16 hours.  They meet at the school at around 6am and don’t arrive home until about 10 at night.

Wrestlers routinely work very hard on getting themselves ready for their matches coming up. “During practice, which is usually cardio and muscle strength,  we run; we condition; and we practice wrestling with a partner,” says Setters.

One of the most nerve-wracking tasks a wrestler has to go through is step out on the mat in front of an audience.  “I’m always nervous before going out on the mat because I don’t want to let down my teammates,” Setters says. Wrestlers are often nervous for their matches during school or the morning of the tournament.  Setters gets the most nervous when the team has to go against Smithtown West.

He finds the most challenging part of wrestling is cutting out certain foods from his diet: “I have to eliminate things during the season in order to make weight for a match. For example, I cut out a lot of sugar and carbs and focus on proteins, vegetables, and fruits during the season.” Setters says, “Cutting weight is a very difficult task because you have to do it in a very short period of time.”  Setters enjoys the sport of wrestling, but managing weight is the one challenge he faces every wrestling season.

As senior year is coming up, Setters plans to keep wrestling in his final year.  “I do not plan on wrestling in college because I want to focus on school, but I may or may not change my mind in the future.”