Breaking News: Beauty Queen Goes Rogue in CVS Aisle 7

Beware: Kim K with no makeup! May leave your kids horrified.

Beware: Kim K with no makeup! May leave your kids horrified.

Alexis Albert, Staff Writer

American royalty Kim Kardashian was recently seen running from her local Calabasas CVS with Pepto-Bismol in hand.

The reality star is said to have fallen victim to a glamorous infectious bug nobody’s heard of yet. Fans are extremely disappointed and flabbergasted over the Kardashian immune system. One San Francisco fan and avid viewer of Keeping Up With the Kardashians claimed, “I just don’t get it, she’s Kim K, since when did she have an excretory system?” The fan then continued with “nobody brought this up during any of the 15 seasons of KUWTK.”

We asked Kim herself what exactly was wrong with her health and she replied, “I just don’t feel well,” instantly leaving fans anxious and fearful. Kardashian loving Facebook users created a group to plan the funeral for Kim K. In response, Kim tweeted, “I don’t understand why people think I’m like—on my deathbed, I just have some kind of stomach thing.”

Fans across the world began posting using the #SaveKimParty to spread word about the star’s disease. Kris Jenner, the Kardashian’s mom, claims that Kim has just been “under the weather,” but the public isn’t convinced quite yet.

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