Drake and Josh Are Back

Nick Passarella, Staff Writer

On June 26, Netflix will premiere a direct follow-up to the hit show. Drake and Josh,  entitled Drake and Josh 2.0. This reboot will take place in modern day San Diego, California, in a rebuild of the house they grew up in, which burned down after a mishap with Drake and firecrackers. The premise is that Drake Parker, Josh Nichols, and Megan Parker are all living together still, but now the two brothers are 33 years old, and their little sister is 25. This update will show those crazy kids all grown up, but still acting like children.

This new revival will feature twists on old classics, like when they got stuck in a tree house. Now Megan locks Drake and Josh in their room, without phones. Also, Oprah comes back to San Diego to sue Josh for causing damage to her knee after running her over in the original series. In addition, an old cast member will be returning to the show.

The first episode kicks off with Drake and Josh accidentally marrying each other after celebrating the rebuilding of their house. Later on in the season, look forward to Drake getting a job and trying to be responsible, and in another episode, Megan bringing home a new boyfriend, who the brothers do not like because he treats her poorly. Drake and Josh also rehash their old catchphrase, “Hug me brotha!”

The original creator, Dan Schneider, is reportedly not involved with the reboot due to creative differences, but Drake Bell and Josh Peck will be returning to the show as new co-producers. Miranda Cosgrove is rumored to write some of the episodes but it is not yet confirmed by Netflix.

Rotten Tomatoes gave the season a 94% tomatometer and a 96% audience score. Overall many say, “The revamp of the beloved classic is quirky, phenomenal, and everything fans hope for. I feel like a little kid watching the original series again.” Metacritic has given it a 79% metascore, while the audience score has been 8.6/10. The anecdotal reviews have also been positive- one person said. “I grew up with the original series, and I’m glad its back. I like how they changed a couple things and adapted old ideas into modern day society.”

Tune in on June 26, at 9 p.m. to see the brothers back together.

Photo Credit: brides.com