The Onion Abandons Satire to Focus on REAL NEWS

Jason Calderaro, Staff Writer

Just last week, The Onion CEO Mike McAvoy released a groundbreaking statement.

“Since 1988 The Onion has put forth fantastic pieces of satirical content, but in today’s newscycle, one filled with bias and spite, a savior must rise. Starting in September The Onion will cancel all satire projects and focus on the real stories. We are super humbled by the love and support of our readers, and are optimistic for what the future holds.”  

The Onion is known for their clever and fun satire articles that either make light of a real life situation or story, as well as entirely fictitious accounts. In response, founders Tim Keck and Christopher Johnson issued a joint statement:

“We are utterly appalled and disgusted with Mike’s judgement. When we started this venture, it was with the goal to delight readers with funny stories to help them see the world in a way that could help negate the gloom. Mike took our dream and burned it alive.”

On the other hand President Trump is very pleased with this news and has issued a statement on Twitter.  

Whether you’re supportive of The Onion or rooting against it, it’s clear to see that everyone is anxious to see what will become of their new venture, or if anybody will actually listen to what they have to say.   

Photo Credit: J. Calderaro