Clue Review

Megan Sigismonti, Co-Editor-In-Chief

On November 14th, Smithtown East’s Drama Club presented Clue On Stage, directed by Mrs. Sundberg. I was fortunate enough to see the play and interview some of the cast and crew. Here is my takeaway: 

The play mirrors the Hasbro board game Clue, revolving around a murder murder mystery that starts out with one death and six suspects, but slowly gets more and more complex as the story unravels. 

This year’s play had a cast on the smaller size, with six main characters: Mrs. Peacock by Christina Simeone, Colonel Mustard by Joe Merlino, Mrs. White by Ashleigh Golden, Professor Plum by Brody Hampson, Miss. Scarlet by Faith Wankel, and Mr. Green by Dylan McCormick. Each character showcased a unique trait: Mrs. Peacock being talkative and rather religious, Colonel Mustard was loud and militaristic, Mrs. White came off as pessimistic and moody, Professor Plum was extremely flirtatious, Miss. Scarlet was egotistical and sarcastic, and lastly Mr. Green was anxious and fearful. Some characters even have their own individual quirks, such as Mrs. Peacock’s constant screeching and Mr. Green’s haphazard sneezing. The actors and actresses each portrayed their character incredibly, giving life to the game board pieces.

Besides the traditional Clue characters, other roles like the host Mr. Boddy, the butler Wadsworth, the maid Yvette, the cook, the motorist, the cop, the singing telegram, and the dark figure, all added their own individual hilarious aspect to the play. 

Debora Bristel, the Costume Mistress, did an excellent job developing dress that fit each character’s specific personality. Maia Castelli, who was in charge of makeup, did an amazing job portraying each character and depicting each bloody murder.

The set designs were phenomenal, which were done by set design crew. The Clue board game is known for its detail and many rooms. The set design crew did a fantastic job depicting the mansion. Furthermore, the set constantly changed in a timely manner due to Stage Manager Riley Ricci, Assistant Stage Manager Zara Inzerillo, Prop Master Paige Skelley, and stage crew. 

The sound effects were humorous and on point. The Pink Panther music never failed to make the crowd laugh and the backwards scene was perfect. Student Technical Director Lauren Indimine, and Alex Hartmann and Abigail Reavis who were both apart of lights and sound did a great job giving life to the play.

Here are the answers from the interview:

  1. How did your role contribute to the production as a whole?

Riley Ricci (Stage Manager) = “I make sure every scene change gets done.”

Jude Yee (Stage Crew) = “…a great collaborative effort, a great community in stage crew, and we get a lot done and contribute to a really good production.”

Lauren Indimine (Student Technical Director) = “I design all of the lights on the stage and spotlights. All sound effects and music I had to hand pick, making sure that everything that’s technologically where you can hear them and see them is done properly.”

Dylan McCormick (Mr. Green) = “I think it’s a really fun mesh of characters and when you put people that are really really engaged in who they are playing and they are trying to meet one end goal of making something they’re proud of.”

  1. How was the atmosphere during preparation and production?

Faith Wankel (Miss. Scarlet) = “…we all know we can be ourselves around each other.”

  1. Seniors, what are your future plans theatre-wise?

Christina Simeone (Mrs. Peacock)= “I don’t plan on doing theatre when I get out of high school, but I do plan on supporting my dramas.”

Joe Merlino (Colonel Mustard) = “I’m not studying theatre, but I definitely plan on pursuing it as a hobby.”

The production of Clue On Stage was spectacular and extremely successful due to the tremendous hard work and effort from the cast, set design crew, stage crew, and production crew.

Congratulations to all of the seniors involved in the play’s production!