Winter Spirit Week Review

Megan Sigismonti, Co-Editor-in-Chief



Smithtown High School East hosted its first Winter Spirit Week before break, and it was a hit amongst all. Between December 16 and December 20, students dressed according to a schedule of winter-related themes. Monday was Pajama Day, Tuesday was Flannel Day, Wednesday was Holiday Heroes Day, Thursday was East Side Pride Day, and Friday was Ugly Sweater Day.

Monday, for perhaps the first time in history was the favorite day of the week. Students thoroughly enjoyed wearing pjs to school. Junior Kristen Sheridan said, “It was nice to be comfy for a day.” 

Looking back at the week, I found that Tuesday had the most participation. Nearly every student wore some type of flannel. “It was cool to see that everyone participated on Flannel Day,” senior Delaney Morton shared.

Although fewer students participated in the festivities on Wednesday, those who did take part in Holiday Heroes Day were praised by the entire school. 

On Thursday Smithtown East basically became the Red Sea, with a majority of students sporting school colors.

And lastly, Friday rolled around with ugly sweaters galore. Senior Erin Holler found Ugly Sweater Day to be her favorite saying, “I think it added a lot of fun to the week. Right before break it can get pretty crazy with tests and everything, but having a theme each day made coming to school a little more interesting.”

Winter Spirit Week will definitely be a week to remember. I hope Smithtown East will adopt this spirit week into a yearly tradition.