YUNGBLUD: A Voice for the Youth 

Kylie Williams, Staff Writer


Artists and creators are people bursting with spontaneity which they use to create a platform of expression, and portray their passions to make something bigger than themselves. Yungblud, also known as Dominic Harrison, is a 22-year-old British musician whose ever-expanding energy and charisma earned him a spot in the hearts of fans worldwide. His career began with the initial release of his self titled EP, (an extended play record), in 2018, then took off with the release of his debut album 21st Century Liability. The album prompted a huge response amongst teens with its alternative rock style; the thought-provoking lyrics spoke to and validated teens who feel pressured under the scrutiny and misunderstanding of today’s society. Yungblud uses his platform to advocate for and inspire his fanbase, who are also referred to as the black hearts club. 

As Yungblud’s career continues to rise, so does the enthusiasm of his fans. For the past year and a half he has been on his international tour while continuing to create and release new music. In October, he released his second EP titled The Underrated Youth, which was highly successful, and on November 13 the release of a collaboration with Marshmello and Blackbear called Tongue-Tied came out. The music video was not only popular for its portrayal of a dark, dystopian society, but for the meaningful lyrics in the song that seemed to spark a movement between Yungblud and his fanbase. The chorus of the song states that if you’ve ever felt silenced you’re not alone, with lyrics like, “I feel my life’s been so tongue-tied, I’m trapped outside, inside my mind, if you feel like you’re tongue tied, then we’re tongue tied together”.  The song served as a message from Yungblud that not only do people have a voice in the world but they also hold the power to use it and should never let themselves feel silenced. 

All musicians have something that they hope to attribute to their image, though there is something about Yungblud that sets him aside from the norm. As an exuberant artist he prides himself on his differences and always makes it clear that he’d rather be authentically himself than try to fit into one standard box for the pleasure of society. One of the many mottos he preaches is “unapologetic authenticity”. Yungblud values this belief and encourages his audience to feel just as passionate about it. With these values he hopes to build a community of people based on confidence and acceptance amongst a generation of kids who often feel like they lack those qualities. His music reaches out to anyone who might feel like they don’t belong and acts as a guiding light to a place where they don’t need to feel ashamed or alone, but rather proud and supported by all people no matter how diverse they are.

Yungblud’s rise to fame has not only given him not the chance to share his messages but to receive gratification in the form of understanding and support from his fans. Yungblud himself has proved his dedication to music and all the people it’s helped him connect with, and recently shared on Instagram, “..I feel like I’m finally part of an idea that’s bigger than I could have ever imagined.” While the young star may appear as an enigma to many for the youth, he’s a symbol of hope.