Junior Year Takes a Toll


J. Vetter

Julia Vetter, a junior at Smithtown High School East.

Hannah Shine, Staff Writer

Junior year in high school has the reputation of being extremely hard and super stressful. Upcoming SAT and ACT dates are hovering over students’ schedules and kids are drowning in school work, but yet they also have to start deciding what they would like to do with the rest of their lives. The work overload is tremendous and the amount of studying is crazy. Julia Vetter, a junior, feels very stressed out and explains why she thinks this school year is more difficult than past years.

Hannah Shine: Do you see a drastic difference between junior year compared to past years?

Julia Vetter: “Yes, definitely. There’s so much stress this year. English is harder, the level of reading is so difficult. I just think it’s all too much to handle in one school year.”

HS: Why do you feel that way? Do you think you were as prepared to start this tough year as you would’ve hoped?

JV: “No, not at all, I knew it would be hard but not this hard. I was warned about the work overload and having to balance it with SAT’s and ACT’s, but it’s so much harder than it seems. Handling it all at once is impossible sometimes.”

HS: What are your favorite and least favorite subjects?

JV: “Algebra 2 is one of my favorites, but my art classes definitely get me through the day. My least favorite is English.”

HS: What’s something you wish you could change about your junior year?

JV: “I wish I didn’t have to stress as much, I wish the work was slightly easier. At least it makes me more excited for senior year.”

This helpful information emphasizes the common opinion of how difficult junior year is. As it prepares students for their futures, yet also carries a heavy weight on a student’s life. If one junior feels this way, how many others feel the same? Is there a smart way we could adjust requirements in the curriculum so that students aren’t as stressed out?