Writing a College Essay 101

Hannah Shine, Staff Writer

Imagine writing something that determines your entire future. Writing something so deep and so heartfelt that it touches all of the college admission officers you’re sending it to. This is the task of the College Essay. Seniors all over the world are currently writing and/or finishing their essays as we speak. Some students may know exactly what their favorite school would like to read while others have no idea where to start. Exactly how stressful and time consuming is this? Just ask any senior going through the application process.

Why is composing this short essay so important? Mainly because this piece of writing showcases your strengths, your weaknesses, your niche, and your personality. Only a page and a half long, the essay must be on the verge of perfection. After all, it is going to every college or university you choose and if it’s anything short of unique, it could possibly ruin your chance of acceptance. With those who could use the help, fortunately, the administrators and counselors in the school are here to help students discover that great topic that makes them stand out from others.

The final product is a crucial part of applying to schools and a great way to show off who you are as a person – displaying to college administrators exactly who they are considering for acceptance. Sharing a story that makes you different from everyone else is going to give you a great advantage, especially if it’s written well. I mean, that is why they make you write it. It’s a small part of the application that comes from you — your heart and soul, aside from all of the SAT and ACT scores.

It’s time to tell them your story. It’s time to think about a topic before your senior year is overwhelmed with every other part of applying to colleges. Perhaps you need all the help you could get, or you’re ready to start ASAP. Either way, making sure your topic is relevant and then restricting it into a 750 word piece can be a lot of work. This is your chance to tell them about you and why college is so important to your future. While time consuming and stressful, it’s definitely worth it in the end.