Runway to Real-World

Runway to Real-World

Grace Faulhaber, Deputy Editor

For some of us, New York Fashion Week is merely a name we hear in the media. Although for all of the fashionistas out there, this high-spirited week is branded by the exotic style, and exuberant energy that fills the Big Apple.

Big brands like Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Calvin Klein, and Alexander Wang are setting the trends that will hit the stores for the Spring of 2018.

Glam, glam, and more glam. Although “less is more” is a great motto to live by, based on several pieces from our favorite designers, “more is more” will be our adage for the upcoming spring styles. Not only were there multiple appearances of large, blingy pieces, but there was also a plethora of gold and silver ensembles that made their mark on the runway. Fashion designers including Gabriela Hearst, Tome, and Jason Wu utilized vibrant gold through the form of satin, silk, and velvet textiles. Also, the silver featured on the runway was nothing shy of bold. Instead of only featured small amounts of silver, notable designers including Michael Kors curated full ensembles that highlighted the power of this daring color. Keep your eyes peeled because there’s a large chance that these recurring looks will become mainstream fashion in the near future.

Checkered patterns have not been too prevalent in fashion these past few seasons, but I can reassure you that this stylish design will make its debut after its multiple appearances on the New York Fashion Week catwalk. Big designers like Mara Hoffman, Rosie Assoulin, and Tory Burch have been sharing their creative plaid patterns in the form of skirts, pantsuits, and dresses. Although their featured styles are oftentimes dramatic, fast fashion companies like Forever21 and Charlotte Russe will likely create their own renditions of the pieces they see on the runway and sell them to consumers all around the world.

Sassy and sheer is the next big thing. Transparent or translucent, whatever you want to call it, is definitely going to be prevalent style in the spring of 2018. Although sheer clothing items have been popular throughout much of 21st century fashion, we will be seeing lots of it in the upcoming seasons, and I mean a lot of it. Previously, most clothing items only featured hints of see-through textures; for example, there might have been a small section of translucent fabric on the sleeves or bottom of the shirts. Now, brands like Burberry, Calvin Klein, and Adam Selman featured full sheer-on-sheer ensembles. What exactly does this mean? Designers all around New York featured completely sheer dresses, jackets, as well as shirts. Although they are not exactly school appropriate on their own, they are great for a fancy night out.

Whether or not you participate in the latest trends, keep your eyes peeled because I guarantee you will be seeing plenty of these latest styles in the upcoming spring season.