English Honor Society Poetry Day

Samantha McCleery, Co-Editor-In-Chief


The National English Honor Society held activities in the library for students to immerse themselves in poetry to celebrate Poetry Day on April 26.

There were five stations– reading and performance, mad libs, a webquest, Kahoot!, and blackout poetry– to offer students a different way to experience English.

At the reading station, which was located in the library’s atrium, students read poems to their classmates or teachers read them aloud. In the writers space mad libs poetry was a way for participants to get creative and turn some of their favorite classic poems into ones of their own by changing out the words to give them a unique twist.

In the outer lab, a poetry webquest required students to fill out a worksheet involving poems and poets while in the inner lab, there was a Kahoot! game with poetry terms and devices. Students used computers or their phones to answer questions on the projector to test their verse knowledge.

The final station was blackout poetry by the Smartboard area. Students had the opportunity to “black out” or cross out words in famous poems to create their own.

Senior and Co-President of the English Honor Society, Kayleigh Clark, came up with the idea for Poetry Day: “At my parents high school, Connetquot, they have a Shakespeare Day to celebrate his life with stations such as bookmark making. They even get the drama club involved. I became inspired by the whole day and decided to transform it into Poetry Day.”

“It made me very happy to see students enjoying poetry activities,” stated Jacque Moon Yee, Senior and Co-Vice-President.

English Honor Society advisors Mrs. Gallucci and Mrs. Westhoff felt “it was so wonderful to see students of all ages having fun with poetry.” They also “hope it becomes an annual event and continues to grow in the future.”