Living with Thanks: The Matador Shares Its Gratitude

The Matador Staff

This Thanksgiving season, the Matador staff wanted to celebrate the holiday by sharing our gratitude. We are thankful and grateful for…

-“the ability to volunteer and help others.”

– “how well things have been going for me. I’ve had lots of good luck this year, with many great things happening to me.”

– “my intelligent and knowledgeable peers, my loving and supportive family, and I’m grateful for everything that I take for granted every day.”

-“the same thing I am every year: the life that has been provided to me by my parents. A large house, nice school, disposable income. I’m thankful for the country I live in. I’m thankful for the one in a million chance that I am the man who walks this earth.”

– “my family, my friends, and my job. As this year has had many highlights, my life does too. My family is happy, I’ve made new friends, and I got myself a job. I didn’t have to get a job, but I decided to. Thanksgiving is a time to appreciate all the things you have, not what you want.”

– “myself this year. The strength I had when facing pain and challenges. I am grateful for possessing a mind of only positive thoughts and departing from negative people. I am thankful for the hardships I have faced that allowed me to grow and become a better and more insightful person.”

-“Dogs. They make the world a brighter and more lovable place.”

– “my friends and family and for all the support I have gotten throughout my teens years and leading into my final months of high school wouldn’t want to ask for a better family.”

– “all the real people around me that help me when I need it, [push] me to do better things, and to just be a better person overall.”

– “all the amazing people in my life. The friends that help keep me above water and hold my head high. [I am] Also [thankful] for the beautiful home I live in and the ability to live without struggle. [I am] thankful for everyone who puts up with me, the long talks at 3 am with people who care about me and my pets.”

– “the abundance of memories I’ve created in Smithtown and the opportunity I have to attend a school I’ve dreamed about going to since I was a little kid. I know that leaving will be hard, but that means that the friends and family I’m leaving behind will be something amazing to come home to.“

– “all of the people in my life that support me in all that I do. I have recently been reminded of how present and willing they are to help me. They give me strength and confidence when needed and an outlet when things get rough.”

We wish everyone a happy, safe, and memorable Turkey Day shared with those that are held dearest to you.

Photo: C. Kuletsky