Club Spotlight: Alternative Animation & Popular Arts

Miles Morris, Staff Writer

Smithtown’s very own Alternative Animation & Popular Arts club is a place where the cultural personalities of our school gather together to discuss, learn and experience the culture and customs of other countries, mainly Japan. Members of the club especially love learning new Japanese phrases and words, and watching foreign animation and cartoons are staples of this club (we watch so much anime and animated shorts, just call it anime club if you’re too lazy to say the full name).

The club meets every Tuesday in Room 339. Ms. Romond, one of the French teachers here at High School East, is the advisor of this club, along with the two Presidents Amanda Suchy and Irene Flannigan. Albeit, the two Presidents prefer to keep all members a part of the club equally represented.

During the 2017-2018 school year, the club went on a hunt to search for the most authentic Japanese experience that could be made available to them, and they feel it was a success. The whole club managed to stack one event on top of another for a total of three major events in which they participated.

One event last May involved the club traveling to Manhattan to visit a book store completely devoted to Japanese literature. The shop called Kinokunya was a club favorite, and the team is planning to return this year. Afterward, the club went to eat at a Japanese restaurant.

Another event last January involved painting Japanese-styled art, which includes drawing cherry blossom trees. The club is also hoping to return this year. Lastly, the club visited the Matsuri festival right here in Stony Brook. This took place in May, and the purpose of visiting this festival was to experience the wonderful culture of the east, and in addition take some glances at some beautiful Japanese art (cherry blossom trees everywhere) and participate in a fashion show. The club is considering returning this year.

You should definitely join the Alternative Animation & Popular Arts club if you’re looking for a great group of friends or if Japanese culture is your passion.