Houston Astros Eliminated, Opposing Fans Filled With Joy

             For months, baseball fans around the worldalong with a few playershave been eagerly awaiting the elimination of the Houston Astros. On Saturday, October 17, 2020 that is exactly what had occurred. 


            In Game 7 of the American League Championship Series, the Tampa Bay Rays took the win against the Astros (4-2), eliminating them from the postseason. As for the World Series, they will gain no form of redemption. 


           For the opposing fans, this event has brought a sense of joy and celebration to their lives, especially after the cheating allegations that had come to light within the last year. People worldwide are tweeting about the elimination, throwing shade, and even mocking it with memes


           Many people are surprised that the Astros even made it this far. If it wasn’t for the new regulations due to Covid-19, the Astros would not have made it to the playoffs. In another article relating to the elimination of the Astros, Gerald Bourguet stated that “the Astros are proven cheaters, and nobody in baseball outside of Houston liked them very much.” Therefore, nobody was surprised when they got eliminated, nor did the opposing fans hold back on throwing shade towards the Astros once it was official. 


          As for the Astros, they have given no feedback on how they feel about this whole situation. No tweets have been made to instigate any drama or to fire back at anyone throwing shade toward them. Myself and many others can infer that they weren’t shocked and that they had seen it coming but that information hasn’t been proven just yet.