Mr. Sagarese: The Desire to Know

Mr. Sagarese was interviewed by former student Addison Riccoboni. Sagarese is a compelling character who is passionate about every aspect of life. He has left a lifelong impact on Riccoboni since teaching her journalism class last year, and due to his teaching, she decided to make English a more substantial part of her life. 


Sagarese’s teaching career has created a strong sense of pride for him. He is proud of the community he has created in his classroom, and the “relationships of mutual respect with students and colleagues”; both groups acknowledge his ability to do so. He teaches AP Capstone and English for junior and seniors at Smithtown High School East. Holding high expectations for his students, he is certain that students will be bewildered by their own abilities in his classroom. He aims to leave a lasting impression on his students because he knows that his voice is one of the last they will hear before entering the world of college and life.


Outside of school, Sagarese’s interests include, but definitely are not limited to: music, travel, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He is an experienced electric bass player who previously had a career in the music industry. He considers his instrument a “body, mind, and soul connection” as well as a distraction from life and a stress reliever. Teaching was not his original plan. At first he had a desire to be a professional musician, but he soon realized that he enjoyed it more when it was solely a hobby. He decided then that teaching English was the path for him. Years later, he has a loving school community and family.


Sagarese is an intelligent man, a man of knowledge. He knows he will never be finished learning. When asked what he wants people to take from him, Sagarese responded, “I want people to remain curious. I want people to retain this curiosity as they grow wiser and have the tools to act on it.” Numerous times he brought up this necessary trait. It was made clear that this is what Sagares’ goal for students in his classroom. AP Capstone and Seminar courses are built on this curiosity, therefore it is no surprise that he values it so highly. Sagarese understands that as a teacher he has the ability to guide students to learn more about topics they are curious about. Traveling is how he translates this into his own life. Some noteworthy trips he discussed were to Costa Rica and Thailand. While having a young child and COVID-19 having affected the time he can spend traveling, he hopes to return to airports and road trips soon. 


There is no doubt that every person who gets to know Sagarese will have nothing but good to say about him. Even though he has done so much in his life, he is not done. His curiosity is his desire to know.