Songs for the Not-So-Happily-in-Love on Valentine’s Day

  1. February 14th: The most heartwarmingly beautiful day of the year! A celebration of love, for new and old. A joyous feast of chocolates and sweets. A parade of pink balloons and heart-holding teddy bears. February 14th: The most heartwarmingly beautiful day of the year…for those happily in love. But for those that find themselves on the other end of the spectrum, Valentine’s Day is just another day; or even downright depressing. This year, for those that are not quite in the midst of their very own fairytale love affair, I’ve gathered five songs for those spending Valentine’s Day alone and crying into a tub of Friendly’s ice cream with Dirty Dancing streaming loudly in the background.
  2. Ceilings by Lizzy McAlpine: This new chart-topper is an achingly beautiful ballad by breakout artist Lizzy McAlpine that follows a stunning progression through the honeymoon phase of a relationship, but only to reveal in the heart of the climax that the relationship was only a figment of the songwriter’s imagination. Relatable, right? 
  3. Happiness by Taylor Swift: This feature is primarily for those spending Valentine’s Day in post-breakup mode, particularly, those attempting to achieve a place of acceptance and solitude within the single life (but aren’t quite there yet). Swift’s articulate storytelling pinpoints this emotion in the way only her lyricism can, utilizing a rocky and fragile path through trying to convince herself of the rainbow waiting for her on the other side of the seemingly eternal heartbreak. 
  4. good 4 u by Olivia Rodrigo: There are, as the legend goes, five stages of grief (usually used in reference to loss, but breakups work too!): denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. And for those of you who are currently idling in that second stage, Rodrigo’s ‘sour’ demeanor as depicted in this pop-rock anthem should absolutely be your go-to. Rodrigo spends the majority of the song flustering her frustration toward her ex, as he seems to have recovered effortlessly, leaving her heartbroken and in the dust. So even if you’re not in the midst of a ruthless breakup, good 4 u works just as well for those simply sick of being surrounded by happy couples. 
  5. What Can I Do by Renee Rapp: A personal favorite of mine, the fifth song from Rapp’s debut EP entitled “Everything to Everyone,” depicts a sapphic ache that finds itself relatable to anyone suffering from an unrequited crush. While the entire EP paints a perfect picture of life post-breakup, this song in particular offers queer storytelling that’s often hard to find in popular music. Nonetheless, this track is additionally, and especially, perfect for those spending Valentine’s Day in the closet. 
  6. Lose You to Love Me by Selena Gomez: For the fifth and final selection on this roundup, I offer you a closing remark within this famous Selena Gomez ballad. Gomez broadens her view past rose-colored glasses to announce the revelation that in this situation, she needed to let go of her lover to fully love herself. With this final suggestion, I similarly suggest that no matter how you choose to spend your Valentine’s Day, allow yourself to find peace and accept that self-love is the most valuable love of all, even if days like February 14th can make this mindset hard to grasp. Nonetheless, there is more love existent than the romantic kind, so gather a few friends, blast the speakers, and enjoy your day like any other!