Beverly Hills, 90210

I know there’s a lot of TV shows that one can watch, and I’ve seen a good amount of them and yet I only have one favorite– Beverly Hills, 90210. Yes, this show is from the ‘90s, but the themes still apply to our society today. 90210 challenged other shows at the time by adding controversial themes that remind us of the challenges of our real lives whether in school or not. As a show that offered relatable characters and themes (and a show my siblings and I were named after), there’s a reason this show has the fan base it does and why it lasted for 10 seasons.

The main characters develop into a whole friend group, but we are first introduced to Brandon and Brenda Walsh, twins who’ve just moved to Beverly Hills from the midwest. Along with their parents, Bran and Bren are introduced to a city characterized by its materialism. In the pilot episode we see the twins struggling to make connections with those around them and fitting in. 

While trying to fit in, Brandon decides to make choices that he wouldn’t have otherwise done outside of this contemporary society. With the establishment of priorities in Beverly Hills as money, clothes and popularity, Brandon doesn’t want to see himself turning into someone he doesn’t recognize. 

While we’ve all struggled with finding out our identity and what best defines who we are, it’s important for our appearance to only accentuate who we are and what we stand for instead of letting the clothes wear us. The show is able to depict this daunting struggle as the characters dive right into this whole new world. 

Fast-forwarding to the first season’s 7th episode, Brenda is introduced to her friend Kelly’s mom. Her first impression of her is as a carefree, free-willed parent that allows her daughter to do almost anything. This introduction allows jealousy to fester in Brenda’s mind as her own mother is a helicopter parent when compared to Kelly’s mom. Later we see Kelly’s mom actually has little time for her daughter when all her attention goes to the drugs she’s addicted to instead. 

I love this episode because it instills the importance of seeing past what meets the eye. Sometimes we desire and have an infatuation of others’ lifestyles without knowing what it’s really like to walk in their shoes. The reason this series is great is because it develops a personality characterized by its reality and truthfulness. 

Beverly Hills, 90210 is a show made 30 years ago that’s lessons still apply to our society today. With a show full of eccentric characters and familiar ideas, you might enjoy watching a show full of realistic interactions and situations.