Who’s the Queen of Post-Modern Pop?


If you’re a fan of post-modern pop you’ve probably heard of Lana Del Rey. Lana Del Rey released her new album Did You Know There Was A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd, her ninth album to date. As an artist who has been in the game for around 15 years, chances are you’ve heard a song from her before. Her most popular song is “Summertime Sadness” if that jogs your memory. 

Before I started listening, I noticed that this album was full with sixteen tracks, each being around 4-7 minutes, making the album 77 minutes long. 


Along with the long running time of the album, Lana also collaborated with many other singers in these tracks. The collabs range from other artists like The Bleachers (who have collaborated with Taylor Swift, on her song “Anti-Hero”), to other singers such as Father John Misty. 


Beginning with “The Grants,” the first song on the album, we first hear vocalists in the start of the song that then progresses into her usual style of music of psychedelic pop. 


The album also includes two interludes, the first being “Judah Smith Interlude”, which sounds like a recording from Lana’s phone of a preacher in church that she layered with soft piano and guitar in the background. The second is called, “Jon Batiste Interlude” which is a layering of piano music with a recording of Lana practicing with another music artist.


I’ve heard playing on Tik Tok a song from her new album, “Let the Light In” featuring Father John Misty, which embodies a melodic sound that Lana Del Rey has perfected. This song is a good summer night song and is very mellow for anyone to play in the background. 


Another Lana song from this album that I heard through the app is “Paris, Texas” that has an eerie beat that reminds me of the theme from Coraline. In this song she expresses how she’s traveled around the states and abroad but the only place that makes her feel home is Venice, California where she currently lives. 


In her 11th track “Grandfather Please Stand on the Shoulders of my Father While he’s Deep-Sea Fishing”, Lana expresses her lack of confidence in her position and wishes for a sign in the form of something symbolic like an owl that will grant her with the wisdom she is currently missing. Since a sign doesn’t appear, she results in introspection where she finds that she’s “good in spirit” and “one of the last ones”. This song highlights her strength as well as her vulnerability and gives listeners perspective on her struggles as an artist. 


These songs on Lana Del Rey’s new album emulate her usual style, pop music that tends to tell a story or a past experience she’s reflecting on. Even though I couldn’t review all sixteen tracks here, I recommend listening to the whole album if you are a fan of her style of music.