5 Ways to De-Stress from AP Exams


Congratulations to those of you who finished some of the most tiring and stress inducing exams for any highschoolers. Now that you’re finished, what now? Should you go back to your room and lay in bed staring at the ceiling for hours? Or simply scrolling through your phone or laptop for hours feeding your mind with short random feeds. Well don’t worry, here are some other ways to de-stress yourself from AP exams.

Read a good book – Reading at least 30 min can lower your blood pressure, heart rate, and feelings of distress. Not only could it help you release tension from muscles that could make you feel relaxed, it also could give you an extra bonus of improving memory and concentration.

Play video games – Video games are always fun and engaging, and results of it can help reduce stress and make you feel good about yourself. Playing video games can give us space to relax and take time out of your stress from the exams. If you don’t have any games to try, feel free to try “Honkai Star Rail” or “Genshin Impact” for some amazing visuals and soundtracks in the game. You can also try playing some classic board games or fun card games with your friends or family.

Take a walk – Take a chance to enjoy life that surrounds you, and taking a walk is a great way to destress from your exams. By taking a walk, it can spark your nerve cells in your brain that can relax the senses which would calm you down.

Take a nap – Who wouldn’t enjoy some nap time? Napping can definitely help you destress, as well as, boost your moods and restore your energy levels. Although your only problem is to find somewhere quiet to sleep in.

Try something new – When trying something new you can feel motivation develops feelings of accomplishment and growth, which could help you destress. Additionally, if you find something you enjoy, you’re more likely to lower your stress level and have a better mood. Something new you can try is painting, journaling, cooking, learning a new language, origami, and many more!