Common Dreams and their Meaning


Have you ever dreamt something so absurd or maybe have dreamt the same scenario many times? Do dreams really matter? As it turns out, they could! Dreams come from your real-life experiences and connections you had made, and all that is, is a “fulfillment of a wish.”

Being chased – Being chased in your dream could mean that you’re feeling anxious about something, experiencing the peak of ongoing stress, or wishing to avoid something that you rather not face.

Teeth falling out – When your teeth are falling out in your dream, it could mean that you had an important life change, you’re dealing with a loss, or you felt insecure.

Drowning – Drowning in your dream could mean you felt overwhelmed or emotional in any of your relationships, work, overloaded with stress and anxieties, unable to reach out for help, or struggling to be yourself.

Flying – Flying or floating in your dream could mean that you found new opportunities, feeling growth in yourself, confronting your fears, or felt a burst of creativity.

Falling – If you’re falling in your dream (not the kind when you felt like falling in real life, and to immediately get woken up) it could mean that you’re not having control in a situation, you’re insecure, or hitting rock bottom.

Taking an exam – When you’re taking a test in your dream, it could mean you’re afraid to take the next step, lacking motivation, procrastinating at something that needs to be done, or fear of being left behind.

It may be that in your next dream, you will discover what you really want for yourself!