Live in the 2000s Vicariously Through these Shows


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Vector 2000s Vintage Color Background

  • Smallville: Smallville is a show that started in 2001 and lasted for 10 years, surrounding the growth of the identity of Superman before he became super. It’s more than just a superhero show; it shows the development of Clark Kent and his life through high school as the last son of Krypton (even though he might not know it yet). Even though the show is based on Superman, for most of the seasons it’s similar to a supernatural show like The Vampire Diaries.


  • The Vampire Diaries: A show that started in 2009 and lasted for 8 seasons, The Vampire Diaries is a show that many were sad to see leave Netflix. It’s a supernatural show surrounding the idea that myths surrounding unnatural creatures like vampires are true by following 200+ year old brothers who happen to be vampires. The show had a continually growing fanbase even though the show ended in 2017. 


  • Gossip Girl: Gossip Girl is a show almost everyone knows but not everyone has watched. Set in the city, you’ll recognize the upper east side where the characters tend to reside. The show focuses on an outsider entering a world full of rich kids since he was accepted into their private school. Now as an insider, he finds himself in the middle of some of the biggest gossip in Manhattan.


  • The Middle: A show started in ‘09, The Middle is a sitcom surrounding a lower middle class family in Indiana trying to navigate life’s ups and downs together. This show encapsulates the life of a party of five with a rude older brother, overly extroverted sister, and an awkward younger brother. Coupled with a stubborn father and nervous mother, a cast full of eccentric characters allow interesting and familiar situations to ensue. 


  • Gilmore Girls: A show that started in the 2000s set in a small town in Connecticut, the main characters are Lorelai and her daughter Rory (technically Lorelai too) who was named after her mother. Lorelai had Rory when she was a teenager. Living on their own in a town where everyone knows each other, we follow Rory on her journey through growing pains.