Books to Read Over the Summer


What’s another great way to spend your summer time other than reading? Maybe to most not, but for those who do enjoy reading, here are some summer themed books for you to try and read! 


“The Siren” by Kiera Cass – The first thing we think of where to go in the summer arethe beaches, The  Siren, is a novel about a siren who serves a 100-year sentence to the Ocean after a life-death situation in the high seas. Although there is a catch, to be a siren you must sing and lure humans into the ocean to never be seen again. Kiera Cass is the same author as “The Selection” series, and it’s one of my favorite romance novels with amazing writing and a simple pure love story. 


“The Summer I Turned Pretty” by Jenny Han – A small book series tells the story of a fifteen year old girl going on vacation with her cousin to their beach house. It’s there where she’s lost and stuck in a love triangle with two brothers upon staying in the beach house. Jenny Han is also the same author as “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” a simple romance with bits of jealousy and drama. 


“Thieves” by Lucie Bryon – Going to parties and enjoying yourself is another way to spend your summer, but for this graphic novel, our main character finally has a chance to meet and talk with her crush, Madeline. It’s until our main character learns that her crush has been stealing items from stranger’s parties and hopes to help her to return all those items back. Another simple romance with the author’s artstyle to enhance the story, the graphic novel sets a sweet and relaxing vibe to your reading. 


Now go enjoy your summer reading, but make sure to still go outside and get some fresh air!