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Nostalgia Overload


Everyone has a beloved childhood movie. From superheroes and villains to princesses and princes, there’s a movie for everyone. I decided to take a poll to determine the overall most popular childhood movie.

The first option was a classic, Beauty and the Beast. This movie tells the story of a princess who was held captive by a “beast”, who in the end turns out to be her true love. The next option the participants were given was Frozen, the story of two sisters. One was born with magical ice powers, the other without. Next was Cars, a movie about a car trying to live up to his potential as a racecar. After this was Toy Story, which describes how important toys are to children. Finally, Despicable Me, which is about a  supervillain adopting three girls and trying to take care of them while also plotting to steal the moon. I wanted to give a wide variety of movies, while also being aware of the times, because it would give a truer representation of people’s opinions. 

The final consensus was that Toy Story and Beauty and the Beast tied as people’s favorites. I personally believe that Toy Story was the best option. The tie surprised me because I would have expected more Frozen lovers and Despicable Me fanatics due to these selections being newer, but that wasn’t the case. The old classics spoke for themselves and still reigns as some of the best movies to this day. 

Movies from our childhood helped shape who we are today and influence the type of people we’ve become. Toy Story showed me as a child the importance and beauty of friendship and being loyal to the people you love. Beauty and the Beast teaches people to not love for looks and material items, but to love for a person’s true self. You should never judge a book or movie by its cover.