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Take me to August Eighteenth



Friday, March 13, 2023, Take Me To Church artist Hozier released three new songs. The appreciable works are entitled Eat Your Young, Through Me (The Flood), and All Things End. These songs are just a glimpse of his upcoming album Unreal Unearth which is going to be released on August eighteenth. Impressed fans are excited to see the return of Hozier between this album and his US tour this fall.

Eat Your Young was the only song that the public was aware Hozier was releasing. Regarding the song itself, Its haunting feel from the moment it begins aids to support the lyrics’ selfish nature. On a first look, the song seemingly discusses the wrongs and immoral acts done by many in order to achieve material success, but the lyrics go far beyond that. They demonstrate the importance of compassion towards others over individual success by bringing attention to gluttony and selfishness.¬†

It is no secret that Hozier’s songs often describe issues with society. The message in these three new songs generally describe being the best version of oneself, looking for the best in situations, and acting well in order to reach success.

 Hozier does an incredible job portraying societal issues between beautiful lyrics. He creates a variety of catchy songs. Every single song has been amazing; he has never released an inadequate piece. Based on these releases, there are no doubts that this year will be one to remember from Hozier.