New To East: Ms. McCourt


N. Visciano

Ms. McCourt is a new addition to East’s English Department.

Nicolette Visciano

Guess what new staff member at East has a guilty pleasure of eating frozen peas straight out of the freezer?  That would be Ms. Samara McCourt.  Over her eleven years of teaching, she has taught at Nesaquake and Accompsett Middle Schools and now she teaches 10th grade English and Creative Writing.  

She graduated from St. Joseph’s College in 2007 and continued with her studies until 2012, attending Stony Brook University for graduate school.

One challenge she will work to overcome this year is teaching in a new environment.  Also, getting to meet everyone can be a struggle because East is such a huge school.  

A random question she gets asked quite a lot is if she has ever played basketball because of her height, but she has never played the sport.

Overall, Ms. McCourt hopes to make an impact among her students by helping them grow, improve, and succeed over the course of this year.  She has a mantra that she repeats to herself for a sense of reassurance: “I have a choice to go into each day with a positive mindset or a stressed, negative one.”  This saying gives her the comfort in knowing that she has the power to make her day a great one with the right attitude.

Ms. McCourt can be found in and around room 301 periods one through seven this semester.