Where you Should Go When Studying Abroad in Italy


Are you interested in studying abroad? Do you love pizza? Well, studying abroad in Italy is the perfect solution. The three stops I would recommend are Florence, known for its art, Venice for its history, and Rome for its pizza.

If you plan on studying abroad in the pizza capital of the world, you will probably end up in Florence. I would avoid flying into Florence with Air France– as they tend to have little care for your cargo. In my experience, I would get a direct flight straight into the city from the states. Florence is overflowing with art in all different forms. Famous sculptures such as Michaelangelo’s Davide are alluring to people across the globe and are sure to grab your attention. With centuries of culture surrounding you everywhere you go, you are bound to go exploring. 


 Along with famous pieces like Davide, there’s many museums; one that’s a must-see is the Uffizi Gallery. Centuries-old sculptures and paintings offer a different perspective unavailable to us in the states. Taking advantage of the many art showings when in Italy is a must. Based on my trip last month, I would advise you to get all your leather products while in Florence, as most of the real leather crafters sell there. Whether it be bags, journals, belts, wallets or any other leather goods–get them in Florence. 


Another city with deep-rooted history is Venice. Venice is the “city on water” that maybe you’ve seen through images either hanging up in your grandma’s house or your local doctor’s office. Actually seeing this ancient city in person is an opportunity of a lifetime. In Venice you are going to want to prioritize food, as it’s their specialty. You also want to keep in mind little events going on in the city depending on the season, because around christmas time they offer fun activities such as ice skating. There are also traveling events that you have to be aware of, because during my time there I saw a traveling opera that was able to illustrate an intricate story that doesn’t require one to know the Italian language. 


Venice comprises many islands, including the twin islands, Murano and Burano. Murano is known for their glass-making where the craft has been passed down through generations. Different glass-makers specialize in different types of glass, whether it be creating chandeliers, or making beads for bracelets. Burano on the other hand contain weavers that design unique patterns of lace that they use for one-of-a-kind pieces. Tourists are welcomed to the islands as tours are offered to explore the depths of their craftsmanship. 


Wondering what to do, when in Rome? In Rome you have to visit the obvious such as the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and St. Peter’s Basilica. But others, like the Spanish Steps, wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if you miss them on your trip. Something you don’t want to miss when in Rome is the pizza and gelato. As you shouldn’t be deprived of pizza when in Italy, make sure you have it here. Down one of the many shopping streets, I had eaten at a gelateria that put gelato on a cone, and then dipped it into fast-cooling chocolate, creating one of the best desserts you can buy. One downturn of all of Italy may be paying for the bathrooms, but it usually only helps improve the quality of them. 

These tips and tricks for some of Italy’s most famous cities, are sure to help you in your studying abroad endeavors. If you have limited time in each of these cities, remember to make the most of your trip.