The Application Process: Part Two

The Application Process: Part Two

By Sarah Boccafola

As December crept around, and the snow began to fall, buying presents for the holidays was not the only stressful part of the season.  For those who applied to college early action, the waiting game had begun. Some universities have promised a date to hear the news by, while others have given set months you may possibly be notified in.  Some have applied early decision, a binding application requiring you to attend the school if accepted. If they were given admission, the wait is done—along with everything else. If so, the process has ended, and you are officially committed!  However, for those who didn’t do either early action or early decision, the holiday break will not be relaxing.

Many students are still applying regular decision and plan to submit their applications during the break.  In the meantime, students have taken their shot at the SAT or ACT once again, or attempted to volunteer more to boost their outside-of-school activities.  First quarter grades were extremely important, but mid-year grades are even more so. Due to that, my classmates have definitely upped their game and truly focused on their classwork and homework to finish strong—unless they’ve been cursed with senioritis.  I, for sure, am beginning to have symptoms.  

Although there is less to do second quarter since transcripts, grades and recommendations are unchangeable at this point, there is still time to boost a score or maintain an average.  Second quarter is full of anticipation and stress to get in last-minute applications before the clock strikes 12:00 on the night before they are due.   

Waiting is by far the most difficult part of the college process, even more so than writing essays and taking standardized testing for four hours straight. Students check their emails every five minutes in hopes of the news of an acceptance.  Simple words such as “congratulations” or “unfortunately” can make or break your day, month, or entire future. Hence, the anticipation and nerves escalate more and more each day. What if you don’t get in to your dream school? What if you do get accepted, but can’t afford it?  What if, what if, what if! Seniors ask themselves “what if” way too often, and it is difficult to believe that what is meant to be will be. 

At the end of the day, it is what it is.  Whether you are accepted or not, life goes on.  Unfortunately, not everything can go as planned, no matter how much you work for it.  On the other hand, everything can turn out just the way you hoped. No matter the results, there is no going back now to study longer, write better, or volunteer at one more soup kitchen.  Whether a college accepts you or not, you have to accept the college’s decision.