My Chemical Romance Reunites

Nina Ottesen, Staff Writer

October 31, 2019, 3:00 PM: a moment that will go down in history. A tweet was sent out to 1.2 million of Twitter’s 321 million users. “Like Phantoms Forever…” it read. The tweet came along with a picture of a statue of two angels and, in bold letters, “RETURN.” The picture showed the date December 20 2019 and “Shrine Expo Hall. Los Angeles, CA.” Why was this cryptic tweet so important? Because the account that posted it belonged to a beloved band that broke up six years ago. 

My Chemical Romance is a band that holds a special place in many people’s hearts. When they disbanded in 2013, hundreds of thousands of fans were understandably heartbroken. With the band’s guitarist Frank Iero continuously shutting down reunion rumors over the years, people began to doubt if MCR would ever get back together. On Halloween of this year, however, things would change forever. 

My Chemical Romance finally announced their reunion via Twitter to their 1.2 million followers. After six years of speculation and confusion, it was confirmed: MCR was doing a reunion show. People thought the tweet was a joke at first. It had to be after so many rumors were debunked. However, it was validated when all four of the band’s former members posted the same mysterious tweet on their personal Twitter accounts. The same picture reading “RETURN” was posted on the band’s new Instagram account. Soon, the members followed suit, posting the picture to Instagram as well as adding new obscure pictures to their Instagram stories. Within a matter of minutes, the news spread like wildfire. Not only was it trending, but it was Twitter’s most popular Twitter Moment. Fans had gathered from all around the world to share their excitement. A reunion show was all they could ever dream of. Little did they know, they were about to get much happier.

A week after the reunion show was announced, My Chemical Romance revealed three more shows to their fans’ surprise. Three shows in Australia, Japan, and New Zealand are scheduled for early 2020. This made their international fans ecstatic. But the question is, now that MCR has announced separate shows, will they come together for a tour? There has been much talk of a tour happening, but none of the members have confirmed nor denied the possibility of one. While going on tour is a great idea financially, it may not be good for the band’s welfare. Some of the members, like Frank Iero, have continued with music, though other members haven’t done live shows in six years. Being rushed back into that kind of environment could be hazardous for a multitude of reasons, including their mental and physical health. Whether they decide to go on the road or not, these reunion shows are a huge step. Perhaps they will announce a tour after they are done with their separate shows. People will still be thrilled nonetheless. 

My Chemical Romance reuniting will be the highlight of many people’s Halloweens. It is a huge moment for many fans who have been waiting for this since 2013. They’ve come back with a new aesthetic, and a new attitude to follow. The members are definitely happy to be back together as shown in a picture the band posted to Twitter, where the members are gathered around on the floor of an old studio. One thing is for sure, the reunion show will be the show of a lifetime.