Highlights of the Met Gala


Doja Cat: Where do we start with this one? Doja Cat took her name a little too literally when she put on two cat ears and a prosthetic thinking it would make sense. If you’ve seen any clips from the Gala, you’ve probably seen Doja’s look on your feed. 


A$AP Rocky: Even though A$AP Rocky was perhaps one of the only ones on theme– his look was still lacking. Despite the fact his look was a direct replica of one of Karl Lagerfeld’s looks which was the theme, it still fell flat compared to others extravagant looks. His outfit is almost reminiscent of the 2000s trend where girls would wear skirts over jeans. 


Jenna Ortega wore an outfit that emulated her character Wednesday, as she channeled a goth-inspired look on the red carpet. Her color palette was battling between black and white detailing with a sleek bow-tie ribbon to top it all off. 


Jared Leto definitely made Doja Cat’s appearance look uninspired as he upstaged her cat look to a new level. Since he came to the Gala with a full catsuit that reminded most of as a school mascot, he definitely revealed his identity too soon. 


Pedro Pascal was wearing Valentino on Monday, wearing full red and black. His look seemed a little out of place since he was wearing black shorts, coupled with a red trench coat, red undershirt and black tie. This seemed like an odd fashion choice as most don’t wear shorts to formal events, and especially partnered with a trench coat was a further oddity. 


Anne Hathaway came to the Met Gala for the first time after five years of not attending, and made her return memorable. Anne wore Versace held together by large gaudy safety pins covered in pearls and gold. As one of the best dressed of the night, her look was one of the most memorable. 


Kim Kardashian came fully decorated with pearls (she hasn’t had the same relationship with diamonds since Bora Bora), while wearing shapewear and a draped shawl. Compared to last year’s controversy involving Kim and Marilyn Monroe’s dress, this year was much more tame. Last year people were outraged Kim was wearing Marilyn’s dress, famous for her wearing while singing “Happy Birthday Mr. President”, which caused people from all generations to have an opinion, but this year was mild in media coverage.