Moose Creek Park to Autumn Rhythm: Chicken Soup for the Alt Rock Soul


Friday, February 24th, 2023, drew a diverse crowd to Massepequa’s local Veterans of Foreign War post for an eclectic lineup of music. Beginning with DIY Brooklyn emo band Uncle Pizza, followed by the more traditional pop-punk sound of Long Island’s No Conditions; the “teenaged noise” of Autumn Rhythm and math rock inspired Moose Creek Park closed out the show with a bang.

Headlining the show after the sudden drop out of Arcadia Grey, a well known Chicago based emo rock quartet, Moose Creek Park brought forward a set of completely new songs, awing the crowd of friends, fans, and local music enthusiasts. Bringing forth the same classic, twinkling guitar riff’s they’re known for, they also carried with them a new energetic presence and story through their songs, making up for the lost act and putting out an amazing performance. Growing tremendously since their latest release, Moose’s new work is nothing short of masterful; helping carry the small midwest emo and math rock scene on Long Island. Autumn Rhythm’s supporting act brought indie rock to a life, with psychedelic distortion pedals and boundless energy on stage, complimenting the quick twinkly guitars in Moose Creek Park’s performance with loud, calculated, and core shaking strums of lead singer and guitarist Joey’s bright orange Jazzmaster.

With the recent first birthday of Autumn Rhythm’s first album Paper Lanterns, as well as their sophomore album being in the works, the other bands at this gig were not playing around when it comes to new releases either. Uncle Pizza’s first Extended Play (EP) titled Frog Era is set to be released on the 24th of February, taking their unique lo-fi sound and harsh layered harmonies to a whole other level. No Conditions is set to release their first EP on May 16th bringing a new powerful female voice to the alternative rock scene. Channeling the classic sound of Evanescence with their own twist, the group is sure to make strides when it comes to the local scene as well as streaming platforms. Last but not least, Moose Creek Park’s highly anticipated first album is set to release on the 14th of March, growing their incredible discography.